Boxing is called “The Sweet Science.” The special requirement of this simultaneous contrast is what makes boxing so amazing. It requires technique, obviously, but so much more beyond that. Finesse? Slickness? Swagger? Art?

If it was just technique, they would call it science. But because there’s a little something extra that you have to put in with your technique, and something that’s hard to put a finger on, they call it a sweet science.

You have to know what you’re doing or it’s simply a bad day.

I present to you, ‘The Sweet Science Every Direct Marketing Piece Should Contain’:

1. A Grabby Headline (and sub-headline) – Vanilla may be a fine choice for cake or frosting but it has no place in marketing. Imagine a stained-glass window with only one color.  Beyond blah.  Don’t be blah.

2. Snappy Copy – Stephen Hawking isn’t writing your text. Make it pop, make it easy to understand, and make it interesting enough to make them want to know more!  Bring that stained-glass window to life with your choice of words!

3. Multiple Calls to Action (CTA) – Don’t just do/say this once. Present your reader with more than one opportunity to pick up the phone or shoot you a Contact Us email.

4. A Great Offer – DO NOT give away the farm to attract new prospects. Avoid the temptation to offer 80% off their first window.  [The idea is to NOT lose]

5. Shine A Light on Your Niche – Tell me why you’re the hands-down choice and why you should be my first and only choice for what you know I want to buy.

6. Create the Expectation They’ll Be Reaching Out to You Next – “I look forward to helping you” is too passive. How about “I am so excited to be your go-to choice for that perfect, custom stained-glass window.  I can’t wait to hear from you!”

“Boxing ain’t darts, my friend”… And neither is Direct Mail.

Let me put it another way…Everybody knows you can’t make a cake with just flour.  Without the egg, oil, water, and icing, all you’ll have is well, hot flour.  Likewise, it is critical that any Direct Marketing effort you undertake has the right set of ingredients.

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