Create Action through Offers

By Crystal Pope

Tips for incentives that generate response

One of the most important aspects of a direct mail campaign is the offer. What can you offer your prospect that will make them choose you over your competition? A compelling offer will drive results and increase response rates.

Here are some tips to consider when creating your offer:

Make your offer clear and concise-

Everyone wants to know “what is in it for me?”

After reading your offer, the prospect should know exactly what they will receive and what action they need to take to receive it (call within 30 days, present the card at time of purchase, etc)

Use powerful key words-

FREE is one of the most powerful words in direct marketing. People like free and are more willing to try out a service/product they might not generally think about utilizing, if it is offered for free. Keeping this in mind-buy one, get one free offers are extremely effective.  Statistics show that 72% of adults report to responding to buy one get one free offers on direct mail pieces.

Push response with a deadline-

A deadline creates a sense of urgency. Make your prospect understand that there is a benefit to responding now. Limited time offers increase response rate. Why pay for something, tomorrow, when you can have it for free, today? “Limited time offer”, “Offer good for 30 days”, “This month only!” and “Hurry, offer good while supplies last” are just a few ways to attach a response-inducing deadline to your offer.

Keeping your offer simple, drawing attention through the use of key words and pushing your prospects to respond through the use of a deadline will, undoubtedly, benefit your direct mail campaign.

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