Compelling Postcard Marketing Copywriting Techniques That Make the Phone Ring!

Compelling copy is not just an Internet marketing tool, but it’s a must for postcard marketing as well.  After all, it’s your means to provide a much more intimate experience for the postcard recipient.

Postcard marketing is similar to online marketing. You need to use effective copywriting techniques such as an appealing postcard template and an eye-catching headline. Your goal is to make sure that your reader actually enjoys reading your postcard!   The best way to ensure your success is to do your homework first.  Research your target market and know BEFORE you begin writing your copy what captures the interest of that target audience!

Choose your words wisely and thoughtfully. Think “great first impression” – because that very much is what your direct mail amounts to.  The good news is that it’s never too late to learn how to become a good copywriter.  On any given day you can find hundreds of blogs and social media posts on this very topic.  Why?  It’s that important for businesses eager to succeed in today’s market.

So read up, take a class, and dive in!  Go ahead and try different postcard templates, different graphics and play with the words so that you get them just right.  Put yourself in the mindset of your best customer.  What would they want to hear?  What makes them tick?  Answer that, and kick start your copy right there in your postcard headline and you’re on your way to a compelling direct mail piece.

To keep your postcard from quickly going from mailbox to trashcan, be sure to mix in an irresistible offer regarding your product, service or company, being careful not to turn your postcard into an “all about you” infomercial!  Readers subscribe to the “what’s in it for them” mindset – so play to that and craft your message to include how your product or service best benefits them.

Think about what you’ve done that’s worked in the past, or what your competitors have done to have customers lining up or phoning in!  Coupons, money or percentages off, and “FREE” are all staples for good response rates.

So go ahead, channel your inner copywriter.  With an eye-catching template and JUST the right words, you too can create a viable, results-producing addition to your company’s marketing arsenal!  Get started today!

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