So I re-read the past four or five DDI Spotlight On Success Stories and I noticed a common theme…PostcardsPLUS, Perseverance and Patience…stick with it and the postcard/digital campaigns will eventually work. They always do!

But I certainly understand this is sometimes easier said than done.

While I will stay relentless with my commitment to the “The Killer P’s”, I’ll admit, it’s cool to hear when an owner gets an immediate “hit.”

And what a hit it was! Over $150,000 on one sale! Check this out from Jenny and Chris Mitschelen:

“The Mitschelsen’s launched their PostcardsPLUS program in October 2015 and it was the second mailing in November that triggered the call. Jenny mentioned that the clients may have also seen an advertisement they have in the local neighborhood magazine. They had looked at several designers on Thumbtack, but found them to be all too contemporary for their taste. They visited the Mitschelsen’s website and were pleased to see that they weren’t tied to any one style or design. They had an initial phone conversation where Jenny was able to explain how Decorating Den works and they liked the concept and the fact that Jenny didn’t push them into one style or design. Jenny went out on the first initial appointment where the couple discussed their traditional tastes and together they were able to find vendors that met their taste and style.

The couple had moved often, but this was the place they wanted to settle and call home and they wanted it done right, irrespective of budget. They weren’t going to be happy unless they got exactly what they wanted.”


Once again…another story about an amazing return on investment. $165,000 on a single sale…using The PostcardsPLUS program.

As things get cranked up for 2016, let’s take a minute to revisit all of our postcard marketing program available and create a strategy to get you some new business asap. Need help? Give me a jingle at 866-319-7109. Or email me at