The 7 “First Marketing Impression” Musts

There are lot of things we encounter in our daily lives which come with an obvious beginning or starting point. You know exactly where to get onto the highway on your way to work, for example. Or maybe the directions for your child’s favorite brownies tell you to preheat the oven. And we all know that before we can order at the Starbucks drive-thru, we must FIRST roll down the window.

But what about a Direct Mail campaign? (Speaking specifically about the copy, itself.) How do you even begin? What do you say to attract new business and gain leads?

Luckily, there’s no reason to panic. It isn’t as hard as putting together a 75-piece IKEA sofa using that tiny wrench/screwdriver thing and no directions. There are a ton of options you can use to get the ball rolling. I’ve listed some of my favorite examples below:

1.) Ask a thought-provoking questionDo you realize just how little lint it actually takes to spark a fire in your dryer duct?

2.) Dive right into the reader’s [perceived] pain pointThe last thing you want to do at the beginning of the season is worry about the expense and endless process required to treat your pool!

3.) Start with a huge stat or an amazing fact (about your product or industry)A whopping 74% of people who respond to ‘FREE’ offers have gone on to purchase the product advertised – TWICE!

4.) Tell the reader something they probably already know (another pain point entry and ‘head nodding’ opportunity)I’m certain you know the madness a faulty printer or scanner can create out of nowhere in your office!

5.) Tell the reader something they DON’T know (creating a pain point they didn’t even know they had)Home security system false alarm reports (and the associated homeowner fines) decrease by 37% simply by having a valid cell phone number on file!

6.) Make an announcement about something brand-newIntroducing the best friend you’ll brain will ever have! With PassMaster, you’ll never forget another password again!

7.) Lead with a short quiz (not always my favorite because I want to make the reader seem SMARTER for having read my postcard, not the other way around.  Just make sure the answer is extremely obvious, and that you walk them right into it!)What is the best way to insure your home and all of your family’s precious memories?  Is it A) Hire Mr. T; B) Learn how to chuck a hatchet with your eyes closed; or C) Call ALLChoice Insurance to schedule a quick, no-obligation review to see how easily and affordably how we can protect everything you love and have worked hard for?  [I think you know the answer to that one… 😉]

Once you can come up with a great way to start the conversation, the rest of the process is going to fall into place.  You’ve gotten the prospect hooked, as it were.  Now reel them in.  Do you have an offer?  Do you want them to do something specific to reach you or to get more information?  If you can get them reading in the first 3-5 seconds they have your postcard in their hands, you’ve won the first part of the battle.

It’s not rocket science, no.  But it will absolutely take some thought, a little research, and patience to make sure your campaign gets off on the right foot.  Like Diana Ross in The ‘Wiz, Opportunity Knocks is here to help you ease on down the road.  Give us a call at 1 (866) 319-7109 and see how our consultative approach will help you make a great first impression – from the very beginning.