5 Great Ways to use Perforated Postcards!

By Crystal Pope

You have gotten your postcard in front of your prospects, now how do you get them to take action? 

Perforated postcards feature a “tear-away” component that actively engages the recipient.

It only takes a few seconds to tear out the perforated card. But, in doing so, clients are more likely to retain and remember it. Gets your prospects physically involved from the first point of interaction! This is the first step towards taking action and the ultimate goal of doing business with YOU!

How perforated postcards can be used:

Business Cards – Business card within a postcard! Combine your marketing expenses and stay top of mine. Customers tear-off business cards for future use or to share with a friend.

Gift Cards & Coupons – Offer discounts and special promotions – incentives for customers to utilize your business. Perforated coupons are removed and presented at purchase – an easy way to track redemption!

Invitations/Tickets – Increase attendance at tradeshows, open houses, and seminars! Advertise the event and include a detachable ticket for admission – all in one, easy step!

Contest Entries – Removable entry forms that customers can bring into your business for a chance to win! Bring traffic to your business and easily obtain information to grow your customer database!

Reward/Loyalty Program cards – Advertise and encourage business through the use of reward/loyalty programs. Perforated, punch-cards increase customer retention, by providing an incentive to do continued business with you.

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