FINALLY make Direct Mail work for you with 2 simple rules!

So what are these two ridiculously simply rules? 

1. The “right” list


2. The “right” offer

With over 6000 customers, we have mailed a ton of direct mail. That said, when we analyze our most successful customer campaigns, they all have two common dominators. 

 The right offer to the right list

 Let me give you an example:

 We have thousands of home service industry customers that would tell us that their direct mail campaigns are not working.  Their mailer looked good and they proposed a fairly good offer so we were surprised at the lack of success.

 After careful analysis, we abruptly made one simple recommendation. 

Buying habit statistics show that 60 plus percent of home service purchasing decisions are made by females. 

 We quickly adjusted the target list to females and added in a few other demographics such as equity in house and liquid assets to ensure projects could be financed. 

 The end result…The RIGHT list = Skyrocketing Sales!   

 So what is the Right Offer?

 Legendary Direct Marketer, Dan Kennedy, describes the “Right Offer” as:

1.  So irresistible that you would be
willing to borrow money from your
grandmother in order to take advantage
of it.

2. Hits your target market’s emotional
hot spot and pulls out the desires in

3. Is such a great deal that no sane
person would ever pass it up.

4. Is so juicy that after you finished
buying yourself, you go and tell
everyone else about the offer.

THAT’S the right offer!

So why make direct mail more complicated that it really needs to be? 

 Direct mail has three key elements:

  • Database/Mail List
  • Offer
  • Creative

 You may be very surprised at the percentages relative to successful direct mail campaigns:

  • Database/Mail List             57%
  • Offer                                     31%       
  • Creative                               12%

 So the next time you launch a direct mail campaign, stop focusing on how “pretty” it is,

and start focusing on your target list and the “irresistible” offer you want to promote.  

While Email, TV, Newspaper and Radio are wonderful…

DIRECT MAIL continues to be the most targeted, highest impact marketing medium today.

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