Direct Marketing is NOT Dead!

 By Crystal Pope

Recently, many businesses and marketers have posed the question, “is direct marketing dead?”.

The answer is emphatically “NO!”.  

A survey conducted by DMNews/Pitney Bowes on consumer attitude toward mailed promotional material concluded that direct mail is still very much alive!

Despite today’s digital world, many consumers still prefer mail over digital communication channels such as e-mail, for receiving new product information and offerings. 

Compared to other avenues of communication, including e-mail and telephone, survey respondents found mail to be:

Less intrusive (45.3%)

More convenient (40.2%)

Less high-pressured (30.2%)

More descriptive (22.7%)

More persuasive (12%)

The survey also found that consumers are less likely to discard unopened mail, than they are to discard unopened e-mail.

 While the virtual “mailbox” continues to fill, the consumer mailbox remains relatively uncluttered in comparison. It is a personal and viable form of marketing. Let go of the notion that direct mail is dead and stay ahead of your competitor’s!

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