Who’s Searching for Your Product or Service?


By Julie Escobar

It’s a funny thing about product or service names; they can be just as cute, catchy, or creative as you like but unless they spell out what you do or who you are, they won’t help get you noticed. Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “Look at Google, Yahoo, or Bing for Pete’s sake.” They don’t say anything about anything right? Agreed. But they are also the exception rather than the rule and since I was told not that long ago by a Google employee as a matter of fact that “Google runs the world.” I guess we’ll just let them have their catch phrase.

Especially since they give us such cool little free tools to help our businesses grow like Google Keyword Tracker and Google Analytics. If you’re not using these tools now, you need to stop what you’re doing today and investigate. They’re worth their weight in customer gold.

GOOGLE KEYWORD TRACKER This handy tool allows you to search for keyword ideas related to your business to see what relevant matches people are searching for! It can be a real eye opener for many business owners and managers to realize that what they thought people were looking for wasn’t really the case. Match your message to your market. Match your product name, or at least your website keywords and tags, to not your assumption of what people are typing but what Google shows you to be actual. Play with it. Read the Help section and the more advanced search options as well. Then bookmark it so you can revisit often. Once you know how to better line up your products and services to the consumer searches, use those new keywords in your direct mail marketing, your website, social media, etc. to start building additional traction for your business!

GOOGLE ANALYTICS Ever wonder who’s coming to your site and where they’re coming from? This cool tool breaks it down for you without costing you a dime! Use it on your website and blogs to determine who’s finding you, how long they are staying on your site, where they are bouncing off and even to track the progress from landing page to checkout.

SEOAutomatic Not a Google tool but a pretty handy way to analyze where your site is lacking as far as search engine optimization. There are even smart phone apps (aren’t there always?) to ensure that you are in the know right from your phone! Plug in your URL and it will do a quick check and share with you ways to improve your page rankings and help you find more customers—or rather help them find you! There is a free version and a more advanced version. Try it and see what you think!

So, I know what you’re thinking. Why is my direct mail marketing company talking about all these online SEO tools? Well, because to compete in today’s constantly changing market, you have to have all the marketing pieces in place including online, offline, inline and face-to-face customer relationship building. Helping customers best understand the big picture and then sharing with them ways to put the puzzle pieces all together is our passion.

We’re learning a lot along the way as well. So we’re happy to share with you the tips and tools we’re finding to make growing a business easier. From Google tools and SEO help, to advanced data mining for the perfect customers, and driving traffic to your site, we’ll keep our eye on the ball so you don’t have to worry.

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