4 Simple Techniques to Create Instant Interaction

Today’s consumer is actually very easy to understand. They want a sense of community, a platform to be heard, and an avenue to get involved.  And as we have stated previously… the key to commitment is involvement.

So how do you easily and effectively get them involved?  Here are the 4 Simple Techniques to Create Instant Interaction!

1.       Put the Social Media Icon on your Direct Mail Postcard

Since you have invested the time, energy and your valuable dollars in the creation and management of your social media platforms, it is now an absolute must (and the most basic idea) that you make people aware of them.  Now, I’m sure you have probably taken the first step of putting these social icons on your website, but to ensure that everyone knows and to get a stronger return on your investment, add the social icons to your direct mail postcards.

Simply seeing the “Facebook” or “Twitter” logo on your postcard will not only help your professional credibility but it also communicates to your prospects that your company is sharing information through the social platforms.

2.       Post Links to Your Landing Pages on Social Media Sites

Single landing web pages are very popular.  So let’s assume you are using a landing page that is filled with strong direct response information and a form that asks the perfect amount of interacting questions.  Traditionally, the only way to drive people to that page is through direct mail.

Now try this — in addition to the personalized landing web pages, create a non-personalized version that will be available to anyone. Then, using your social media tools…Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, etc… post links that point to the general version of the landing page.

Now you can measure how people are logging onto your page.   These analytics will help you segment your customers and prospects so you can better invest your resources and dollars in future campaigns.

3.       Add an Interactive QR Code on Your Postcard

At this point, you may be tired of us talking about QR codes.  However, I would be remiss if we didn’t talk QR codes and social media.  After all, the key to commitment is engagement…so give people multiple ways to engage.

Creating video has become extremely easy thus companies of all sizes are using their Flip cameras and smart phones to create and upload video to YouTube.

We preach online video all the time.  Now you can integrate it into your postcard campaigns.

Create a QR Code that points directly to the YouTube video.  Then add the QR Code on the postcard with a call-to-action offer, and then watch how your growing mobile audience responds.

4.       Make Your Web Pages Easy to Share with Others

This might be the one idea where you can truly start to see growth in the overall success of your campaigns. When someone visits your landing page, make it easy for them to share a link to your content on their social media profiles.

This could be via a simple “Tweet This” button for Twitter, a ”Like” button for Facebook, or some other sort of social media plug-in.

If your content is truly helpful and you make it easy for people to share it, your audience will grow with the help of others.