We’re all a little vain, aren’t we? (I’m proud of you for even admitting that. Great first step!) Everybody loves to have conversations centered around them. Everybody loves to be appreciated for their efforts on the job, or on the team. And everybody loves it when someone says ‘Thank You’ to them – even if it’s for something simple. Thank You can go a REALLY long way.

In fact, a Thank You can be the difference between a client using your company just once – or over and over and OVER again!

But how can you get them to rely on you for your product or service repeatedly? The competition out there is fierce! And new offers by your competitors are dripping with free giveaways (not always such a great idea!) and promises that we both know they won’t be able to keep.

The worst-case scenario is that you do something fantastic for a client, they need the same service again down the road, but they’ve forgotten it was your company that saved the day last time. A postcard from your competitor shows up in their mailbox, boasting about a 50% savings for first-time clients, and – POOF! – they’re gone.

They’ve dropped you like a bad habit and gone ‘across the street’. Their experience, though, is horrible, and they swear they’ll never go back to your competitor! But they STILL don’t have you top of mind.
You need to take advantage of these 4 RIDICULOUSLY easy ways to stay on the tips of tongues!

1. Say Thank You! I’ve mentioned this before, but it is so very valuable. After ANYONE purchases something from you, tally up the number of clients who bought a product or service and send a simple Thank You postcard. And physically sign the card (blue ink tells the client it really IS your signature!). That little gesture, by itself, speaks volumes.

2. Maintain the Gains! Every month or quarter (depending on the product/service you provide, and given any seasonality involved), send a ‘Maintenance Postcard’. It’s a very subtle way to ensure you are always on the minds of the company, that you’re thinking of them, and that you’re ready to be at their service again.

3. Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 25! Am I right? Seriously, though, taking time to recognize milestones like birthdays can be an undervalued way of letting the client know you remember them; that you took the effort to put a postcard in the mail for their special day (or, as close as you can get). In fact, just catalog the birthdays of your clients each month and send them a ‘Happy Birthday Month’ postcard.

4. The Latest & Greatest! Do you cater to an industry that is often creating or introducing the latest and greatest piece of equipment or technological advancement? Have you got a new tip on how to sell a property, or make the lightest and fluffiest donuts? Whatever your clientele, there is always going to be something you learn you can pass along to them. But don’t tell them the whole story! Tease them, entice them, make them come to you (or your website or landing page, etc.) to truly understand how this ‘new & improved’ can change their lives.

The idea and concept around ‘Target Marketing’ speaks more to trying to identify the right prospects, and then using what you know about them to conduct the right kind of campaign to get them IN the door.

To keep those clients you worked hard to earn, you have got to dedicate time and resources to ‘Targeted Appreciation’ and doing whatever you can to be that name they don’t have to work to recall; you’re always on their mind, in their mailbox, or on the tips of their tongues. And all of those things combine to equal repeat business.

Opportunity Knocks is great at helping you help your clients remember you. Give us a call at 1 (866) 319-7109 and let us show you how to create a memorable Direct Mail campaign that works as hard as you do to make every one of your clients feel like they’re your only client!