Saturation versus Targeted Mailings-Which is Right for YOU?

A saturation mailing is a mailing to 90 percent or more of the residential addresses, within a specified geographic area or carrier route. In simple terms, saturation marketing targets a very broad range of people.

It is done by marketing to an entire area (zip code, city, county, etc). Essentially, you are “saturating” a localized area with your marketing message.

A targeted mailing is a mailing focused on and sent to a specific (targeted) customer. This could be based on gender, home value, income, age, etc. A targeted mailing uses specific demographics to focus in on and reach your ideal customer, those with the highest potential to buy your product or service.

Which type of mailing is right for you?

Saturation Mailings-Who is it right for?

Local businesses that everyone has a use for:

Medical offices


Auto service shops

If your product can be used by anyone-saturation mailings could be a good option for you!


Pizzeria-Buy one large pizza, get one medium pizza FREE

Auto service shop- $5 OFF a standard oil change

Grocery store-$10 off your purchase of $50 or more

Targeted Mailings-Who is it right for?

A business whose product or service can only be used by certain people (i.e. a very specific demographic).


Pet Sitting Service-can only be used by people with pets. Sending it to everyone in an area would miss your ideal target and a good portion of your marketing could be wasted on those who have no use for your product.

Day Care Center-target homeowners with children young enough to need day care services. Sending to an entire neighborhood could mean you have reached those without any children or with children who are beyond the age of day care.

Before deciding which type of mailing to use, ask yourself the following questions:

Can my product or service be used by everyone?

If yes, a saturation mailing could work for you.

Would you rather more total responses, regardless or quality?

If yes, use a saturation mailing.


Would you prefer fewer responses, that are more high-quality?

If yes, a targeted mailing is your best choice!

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