Powerful Pandemic Marketing: 4 New Ideas We’ve Learned Work

What I find most positive about of being ‘down’ is the view back to the top.  It is often a path littered with great ideas and promise.  Just as fans will be back in the stands before we know it, clients will be calling and walking through your doors again.  They’ll be ready to take you up on offers, ready to get back to business ‘as usual’, and ready to fire up that economic engine once more.

But to help them help you, you’re going to need to put in a little work.  Try these 4 ideas we’ve seen be effective this summer:

1.) Do Something New – Now is most certainly a great time to experiment with your content. Depending on your industry and customer base, what can you teach them about the business beyond your mailer?  How can you be a Thought Leader?  A simple case study or a complex white paper, accessed from a landing page printed on your postcard, could go a long way in separating you from your competition.

2.) Keep Customers First – Ford Motor Company argued for a long time that “Quality Is Job 1”. You and I both know Job 1 is really keeping customers happy.  Not saying I believe “The Customer Is Always Right”, but without customers, we’d be up a creek.  Focus your postcard around making sure you’re doing the right things.  Talk about your approach to safe work environments.  Talk about your elevated standards for cleanliness and non-contact practices.  Above all, emphasize that you’re not only ensuring the work you’re doing for the customer is top-notch, but that you’re making sure they feel important and safeguarded in the age of COVID-19.

3.) Get Specific – I’m big on focused target marketing. But the ‘typical outreach’ might need to get put on the back burner during the pandemic.  Ask yourself, “Who aren’t you reaching?  And why?”  Just like experimenting with content, take a look at your target market – and the niches directly touching your market.  Chances are, some research could uncover a whole new pool of prospects you couldn’t see pre-pandemic. 

4.) Hammer Down – For reasons tied directly back to income, you need to push ahead, mindful of your marketing goals. But do you use a Feather Foot or a Lead Foot?  The number two constant behind providing great products and services, is to continuously be on the hunt for new prospects.  A ‘pandemic-centered’ marketing budget AND a marketing presence can co-exist, easing smoothly you into a COVID-free business environment.

Success can come from putting one of the above into practice.  But what if you took advantage of today’s pace and gave serious thought to trying them all?  These tips don’t have to break the bank, by any stretch.  You will need the name recognition that maintaining a connection with your existing clients, and with those prospects in the community you rely on for new business.

Looking more specifically beyond the folks you have always looked to for business could open a whole new door for you.  And getting to those clients with something fresh, something out of your comfort zone, but still engaging and curiosity-building could do wonders to help establish your brand with new prospects.

Give Opportunity Knocks a call today.  We have Success Coaches standing by to assist you in maximizing whatever outreach you want to make.  We’ll help you create a well-organized campaign, and put you in position to win during AND after the pandemic!