5 Tips For Postcard Marketing Success


Postcards have long been an effective way to reach consumers and businesses alike. Desktop publishing software, digital color printing and affordable, on-line stock photography have made it easier than ever to produce direct mail postcards. Consequently, it is more important than ever that postcard campaigns are compelling enough to grab the reader’s attention and motivate the reader to take action. The following tips will help deliver postcard campaign success:

1. Make a strong first impression.

The first thing the reader sees is the front of the card. This is the one opportunity to engage. Using a striking image will help a postcard stand out. Websites like istockphoto.com and gettyimages.com offer a wide selection of images available for download. Also, be sure to use paper that conveys the right message. For example, high-quality stock goes hand in hand with high quality products and services. Recycled stock conveys environmental sensitivity.

2. Avoid telling the entire story on the front of the postcard.

The image and the copy on the front of the postcard should create interest in what lies on the other side. The goal here is to compel the reader to turn the card over to see the details of your message. Too much copy can be overwhelming. Less is more.

3. Have a compelling offer.

It is not enough to simply inform the audience that a business exists. Anyone who turns the postcard over will expect a reward in the form of a special offer. For example, when mailing to new movers, a ten percent discount on goods or services is not as exciting as anything offered for free. The better the offer, the better the response rate.

4. Always have a call to action.

This step is critical in crafting any direct mail campaign. When the postcard prompts the reader to “call today”, “log on for more details” or “present this coupon”, the reader understands how exactly to take advantage of a special offer. Also, response rates are easy to track when the postcard must be presented to enjoy the offer.

5. Limit the response time frame.

There’s a good reason why “limited time offer” remains part of the lexicon of advertising. First, it creates a sense of urgency. Second, it elevates the perceived value of the offer. And third, the end of the special offer period becomes the natural start date for the next special offer postcard.

Postcard campaigns have continued to be an  effective channel over the years for a reason. They continue to offer excellent advertising, return on investment, ease of production and high response rates.