Get an instant PERFormance with Perforation!


Perforated postcards feature a “tear-away” component that actively engages the recipient.

It only takes a few seconds to tear out the perfoated card. But, in doing so, clients are more likely to retain and remember it.

How perforated postcards can be used:

 Business Cards – Business cards within a postcard! Combine your marketing expenses and stay top of mind. Customers tear-off business cards for future use or to share with a friend.

Gift Cards & Coupons – Offer discounts and special promotions – incentives for customers to utilize your business. Perforated coupons are removed and presented at purchase – an easy way to track redemption!

Invitations/Tickets – Increase attendance at tradeshows, open houses and seminars! Advertise the event and include a detachable ticket for admission – all in one, easy step!

Contest Entries – Removable entry forms that customers can bring to your business or workshop for a chance to win! Bring traffic to you and easily obtain information to grow your customer database!

Reward /Loyalty Programs – Advertise and encourage business through the use of reward/loyalty programs. Perforated, punch-cards increase customer retention by providing an incentive to do continued business with you.

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