Multi-Channel Marketing – Part 5 – The Mobile Advantage

The fifth and final part to our series on Multi-Channel Marketing outlines an important piece to the overall mix. MOBILE MARKETING

Mobile marketing is something that can’t go overlooked these days, especially with the amount of time spent on a cell-phone.

Cell phones, also known as smart phones, have quickly become a powerful place for companies and businesses to draw in new customers.

According to a recent report from comScore, more than 14 million Americans used their phones to scan QR codes or bar codes a month.

We have talked about QR codes before and many of you are already using them in your direct mail campaigns. Well, mobile QR codes are a little different. They can be used to lead consumers to your website and drive more business.

The difference is, when a consumer scans a QR code using a mobile phone, they are taken to a website that offers information about a company’s products or services or they go directly to a mobile page that they can use as a coupon and much more, INSTANTLY!

Mobile marketing has a huge reach in local markets and data can be secured even if you haven’t been collecting phone numbers over the years. You can now send out mass text messages to your current clients or prospective customers with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Mobile marketing is a very simple and effective way to stay in touch with your local target market.. You can keep people informed of big sales, special offers, new products or services, and anything else you are looking to promote.

With mobile marketing you can finally reach your current and prospective customers through a device that people look at multiple times a day. It is a direct approach to capturing new business and updating current clients.

As cell phone use explodes and mobile marketing continues to evolve, make sure you get familiar with it and ensure it becomes part of your marketing mix.

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