Multi-Channel Marketing – Part 2: Turn a simple email address into massive sales conversions

So you don’t have great data or saved customer information yet?
Well that’s okay.

The good news is, all you need is an email address…

Multi-Channel marketing is just one way of gathering great data to generate amazing results over a time.

By implementing multi-channel marketing techniques, you can create a simple way to gather data. Even if you haven’t been collecting and organizing all your customer data over the years, you can start now.

Let’s start with your normal exchange of information. By simply asking for an email address, you will immediately open many different doors that lead to more exposure and interaction. Before I get into what those doors are and how they can help your business, let me explain the best ways to collect new data.

Starting with your current customers, offer them a coupon or other promotion to fill out a quick survey about themselves and make sure to get their email. You can do this by creating a simple, targeted direct mail campaign that “verifies their information”.

Once you have all your current customers contact info and email addresses saved you can now start a chain effect that stems from an email and grows into customer’s that you can now easily target, through additional channels.

Now that you know your current customers a little better, you can then market them more effectively.

Keep in mind, email is a bit more evasive than a postcard or other direct mail piece. And it is most effective when used ONLY for “opt-in incubation”. 

Which brings me to one of the most effective ways to collect a prospective customer’s information; “An Auto-Response Email Marketing Campaign”. This system allows you to set up a series of automatic emails to a prospective customer. Once the customer opts-in, they will start receiving your personalized scheduled emails.

This media channel has been shown to increase results and capture your audience by streamlining the email marketing process.

Once you have the data and an email address, you will have another channel that will allow you to market to the prospects and interact with current customers.

This constant interaction will not only help customers remember and trust your brand, but it will allow you to connect on other channels throughout the digital atmosphere. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our 5 part series on Multi-Channel Marketing about Social Media Exposure.