Don’t risk losing your loyal customers!

Don’t risk losing your loyal customers!

By Crystal Pope

I’m sure all of you have seen or participated in a loyalty program.

These programs can be a powerful marketing tool, benefitting both you and your customers.

One of the most common loyalty programs is the reward card, on which you accumulate points for purchases-later to be cashed in for incentives, discounts or free gifts. (Think frequent flier mile cards).

Restaurants, clothing stores, hotels, airlines, salons and cruise lines are just a snapshot of the industries utilizing customer loyalty programs.

So…why the recent surge in popularity of loyalty programs?

Because consumers see value in them! However, they do have certain expectations when participating in a loyalty program.

58% of consumers that participate in loyalty programs have stated that they want more relevant offers and individualized deals.

70% want more discounts and savings incentives.

So, what does this mean to you? Loyalty programs can be a powerful marketing tool, if used correctly. If you choose to develop a loyalty program, make it one that offers something of value to the consumer. In the end, they need to feel like they are benefitting from the program, in order to continue to participate.

So, what do consumers really want out of a loyalty program?

66% like programs with discounts and savings

43% would like better deals and offers

38% enjoy free products and premiums

36% are looking for perks and privileges

33% want cash back

In any business, positive customer relationships are key! Loyalty programs have seen an increase in popularity because consumers are, increasingly, looking to save and see a value in the programs. Building a strong customer relationship is important and loyalty programs can help you do just that!

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