Direct Mail Thrives in Millennial Mailboxes

If you’re going to begin using postcard marketing to reach the millennial demographic, then get ready to maintain direct marketing best practices and incorporate some modern touches as well.

Here are the latest facts, put into visuals so you can see exactly how this market has been responding…

Why Millennials Love Direct Marketing


  1. Easy on the words. It’s a postcard, so there isn’t room to overdo it with text. Keep your message concise.
    Break your copy into quick-reading info shots. (Always a good idea with short-form marketing like postcards.)

  2. Don’t be a salesman. Don’t be clever. Don’t “sell.” Just be real and straightforward in your approach.
    If the offer is good and presented in a transparent manner, it will be well-received.

  3. Link to your online presence by incorporating a QR code or augmented reality that takes recipients to your landing page, video, or social media page.
    This fortifies your existence and legitimacy, especially when your direct mail and online messaging is consistent.

  4. Show them that it’s more than just business. By allying yourself with a worthy cause and allocating a percentage of each purchase that cause, you show millennials that, like them, you’re concerned with improving this world.

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