How to Create Referrals on Demand – Repetition


Have you ever seen something so many times that it becomes second nature to associate it with a company or industry?
Of course you have…

Big brands like GE, COKE, and McDonald’s are constantly in front of your face making easy to make the connection.

Now, these brands have huge marketing budgets and are easily seen by hundreds of thousands of people daily. If you have a more localized target market, this type of brand awareness can easily be achieved by following a few simple steps.

In part 2 of our series about how to create referrals on demand, we highlighted the fact that constant visibility is essential for a business to be remembered.  By making a lasting impression, people will recommend you and your company every chance they can.

However, constant visibility can be time consuming, expensive, and very difficult to achieve. A clear marketing plan is key in making this happen.

The secret is to balance your marketing budget around a system that you can control through repetition.

Not only does repetition create response, but more importantly, it will leave a lasting impression that will result in consistent referrals.

When someone sees your brand or message multiple times, it plants a seed instructing the subconscious to remember you. There is a very old rule in prospecting that says it takes 3 contacts to recognize your name, 7 contacts to make the association, and 27 contacts to ensure that they are comfortable enough to trust, recognize, and refer your business.

Commit to a calendar of consistent contact at least every 30 days.  To most effectively leverage your customer relationships and ensure not only repeat business, but a strong referral base, take the time to get to know your customers.  Find out, and more importantly keep notes on what they like and dislike.  Find out their birthday, remember holidays, and get creative about contacting them.

Sending postcards, letters, or promotional items is a very effective way to implement repetition because these items are tangible with a long shelf life. However, this should not be your only source of contact.  It is important to mix things up!

There is nothing better than personal contact.  Call and thank them for their business or ask if there is anything they might need, or some way you can be of added service.  To take it a step further, every few months take the time to stop by and see them.

By consistently being seen you will create a sense of brand awareness for your business that will basically force people to recognize and refer your business on a regular basis. This system can be implemented in an efficient and affordable manner by organizing a creative marketing plan around your budget.

As the New Year quickly approaches, make sure your 2012 marketing plan creates consistent visibility and repetition. These components are key in creating referrals on demand for years to come.

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