Pretty much every person we know has heard this quote before in one form or another, even though people get it wrong all the time: “To whom much is given, much is expected in return,” and “To whom much is given, much is required,” and so on. Pick the version you like the most.


(I’m so excited, I couldn’t wait to share these with you! Findable, Readable, Understandable, and Actionable. Okay… back to the article!)


One of the greatest benefits of being in business, and attracting prospects who turn into clients is that as much as they’re bringing to the table (in terms of buying your products and services), the same can be said for what you should be giving back to them.


I’ll bet you can think of at least one example where the non-financial return you received from a client was truly motivating. You did something for them that wasn’t based on the exchange of money. Maybe you gave them a piece of advice, or perhaps you showed them how to do something on their own so they wouldn’t have to necessarily call you next time. You taught them something, and they honestly appreciated it.


One of the best ways to create and maintain a bond between your company and your clients has absolutely ZERO to do with sales. In fact, you aren’t actively selling a thing! It’s called Content Marketing. Let me explain.


Content Marketing, simply put, is any kind of marketing that involves the creation and publishing of educational content in some way that will attract and create more customers for your company.


Identify a list of topics you know to be important to your clients (whether you poll them, or use industry data), and then create content around those topics. Once identified, be prepared to deliver your messages in as many ways as possible (or as many as you can afford). Postcard marketing, a web presence, whitepapers & position papers, print advertising, blogs – these are all different ways to get your message out. [NOTE: Skywriting does not count. I’m just saying.]


Here’s a great example:


But, wait! You can’t just slap words onto a postcard or website! Be mindful of these 4 Rules for Good Content:

  • Findable – What would be the point of creating fantastic content that no one can read? Your content MUST be easily accessible if it’s going to get any traction. Consider using SEO enhancement online, attractive packaging, inspiring images, or text that forces your content to stand out on direct mail postcards.
  • Readable – Making readers work too hard to figure out what you’re telling them is a turn-off. Making your content reader-friendly is the first step. But you should also consider using simple tips like bullet points (ahem), numbered lists, and compelling-but-not-stuffy word choices to draw them in.
  • Understandable – I’ll tell you right now that if I don’t understand what you’re saying to me, or trying to make me read, I’m outta there. Don’t do that to your clients. You’re educating them on something important – either to them or the industry. Break it down if you have to, but make sure that what you’re saying comes across easily and without the need for a dictionary. Trust me.
  • Actionable – Don’t just tell your clients something and HOPE they take action. Even though you haven’t sold them a thing in whatever you’ve communicated to them (example: a whitepaper where you provide a new approach to a negative industry trend that many businesses ‘just like yours’ face). Slip in a call to action and offer to answer any questions they might have on the subject, or give them a place to offer up their own comment, all the while letting them know you have direct experience with what you’ve just laid out (and can 100% help them with, as well).


By the simple process of listening to your clients/the industry and creating smart, effective business-related content which speaks to those four rules, you will have established a direct line to sales – and furthermore – to client loyalty.


I can’t think of a single business, in a single industry that can afford to not create effective Content Marketing. Give Opportunity Knocks a call at 1 (866) 319-7109. Let us help you build that bond, and start giving back to your clients in ways they might not have expected.