The Constant Reminder – Infinite Branding


If I had to pin point one question that I have been asked time and time again, it would have to be:

“Which marketing tool actually works best?”

And I always reply the same way:

“They all can work, when done correctly.”

In today’s ever evolving competitive world, making sure your brand is always visible while ensuring top of mind awareness is essential.

Over the years, staying on top of my game so I can effectively reach my target market has remained a priority. Distinguishing between the good, the bad, and the ugly (or in other words, the ineffective) has been challenging at times.  However, after fighting through all of the clutter, certain marketing tools have consistently risen to the top.

A few examples of these must-have tools are based around a brand reinforcement method, we have come to know as TOMA or Top of Mind Awareness.

So, how can your company ensure top of mind awareness for your brand?

Well, three of the cheapest and easiest ways to start establishing TOMA are Business Cards, Stationary, and Sales Collateral. These are simple “must haves” for every company.

By using marketing material like, business cards, sales folders, yard signs, and door hangers, you can easily reinforce your brand and make sure current and prospective clients are constantly reminded about your business.

Regardless of your industry, these must-have tools can include a great deal of information about your brand.  Sometimes their value is underestimated, but the truth is that these tools never stop working.

Every time that customer looks at your business card, business folder, or other tangible marketing material, he or she is reminded of your company. By distributing these constant reminders, customers will contact your company FIRST!

In a world where making the first impression is just as important as your brand, you have to ask yourself, “is my marketing strategy the correct one for my brand?” and “are all of my marketing tools pulled together correctly?”

My suggestion, just ask.  Everyone has heard of the saying, “It is not what you now, but who you know”, and this statement still holds true today.

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