Become the Architect of Your Success

Three components for Building a Strong Business Foundation

By Julie Escobar

We’re heading into the new year soon— tell me, what do you want to build? Become the architect of your own success by ensuring that life’s best cornerstones are firmly in place for your career, your family and yourself.

1. Craft a detailed blueprint: Strong buildings aren’t built by accident, their foundations and structures are sound because they are well thought out, well planned in advance and mapped out in a detailed blueprint. It’s much the same with a successful career. Tap the top professionals in your industry and they’ll tell you their success wasn’t a stroke of luck or an ‘overnight’ sensation. A well designed business plan keeps them on track and allows them to build solid foundations every day. The most essential components of a smart business plan include:

  • Budget (both personal and professional)
  • Goals (both personal and family)
  • Action plan (daily, monthly, annual conversion of goals and activities)
  • Activity tracker (visual reminder of your progress)

2. Be Prepared. More than a scout motto, top performers ensure that they are always prepared for what life throws at them mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Consider the words of Florence Scovel Shinn, “If one asks for success and prepares for failure, he will get the situation he has prepared for.” What are you prepared for — success or failure? What can you do this month, every month to contribute to your success?

  • Mentally: Build your brain power and fuel your positive peace of mind with new knowledge, powerful daily affirmations, and wisdom gleaned from mentors, leaders in your field and trusted friends. Build a personal library of books that feed your brain, create focus, give new perspectives and encourage personal growth. Don’t limit yourself. Think big, and then think bigger! Your mind is a muscle and it needs as much exercise as the rest of you, sometimes even more.
  • Emotionally: Life has a funny way of tossing us curve balls, how you handle each adversity is up to you. Those best prepared keep that precious balance in their lives between personal, professional and family time. They fill their lives with good humor, good company and good work. They steer clear of negative influences, self-depreciation and isolation. They keep the lines of communication open with the people in their lives. Remember, there really is no such thing as ‘self-made’ men and women. We’re all in this together, so it just doesn’t make good sense to always “go it alone.”
  • Physically: This is that time of year, right? What’s on the top of most people’s resolution list? Lose weight? Get in shape? Eat healthier? This past year I’ve watched some of the people I love the most in the world battle tough diseases and I can tell you it’s life-changing. What we have is today. Take care of yourself, not just for you but, for those around you who love you. More than just a resolution, health is a gift. Cherish it as such. So this year, get prepared. Push back from the second helpings, commit to regular exercise, put down the smokes and fuel your body right alongside your mind with the right ingredients to help you live a longer, stronger life.
  • Financially: This is a big one. Especially for all of us who’ve been run through the financial wringer in our swiftly changing economy. Better prepare yourself and your family for those inevitable rainy days by trimming where you can and building that nest egg. Most of us can find that extra $10, $20, even $50+ dollars that are slipping away each month in things we don’t really want or need such as that extra latte at Starbucks, magazine subscriptions we don’t read, memberships we don’t take advantage of, etc. Make this your year to whip those finances into shape, pay down your debt and start building wealth.

3. Build your tool chest: No, I’m not talking socket wrenches and staple guns. I’m talking about the chest of tools every successful salesperson carries in their head, in their heart and certainly in their presentation! This year, make it a point to collect at least one new “tool” per month such as visuals that help you connect or persuade your clients. Postcards, articles, graphs, newspaper clippings, testimonials, checklists, free reports, brochures, and “price it right” visuals are all great tools of the trade. Your words too, are tools. Master new dialogues, fine tune your speaking skills, and practice your voice inflection. Make a list of every objection you’re commonly hit with and role play with colleagues to come up with at least three “objection handlers” for each, both verbally and with visuals.

New opportunities await you. Be ready, willing and able to meet each head-on with an open mind, the tools you need and the confidence you gain from knowing you’ve got the right foundation beneath your feet and your career!

Wishing you every success this month and remember we’re here to help ensure you’re always building the career you imagined! Need help? Call us at 1.800.287.5710 today!