6 Tips to Attract More Leads

By Crystal Pope

Maintaining and increasing your customer base is important to the stability of any business.

Therefore, it is important to improve on both the quality and quantity of your leads.

Regardless of the method of advertising you are using, the following seven tips will help you attract more leads!

1. Focus on the prospects

One of the most common mistakes made in marketing is that businesses have a tendency to focus on themselves, as opposed to their prospects.

Regardless of how great your products, services and accomplishments are, this is not what is important to the customer. They are most interested in benefits, as opposed to features.

Think of it this way, your prospects are always asking themselves, “what’s in it for me?”

Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the question of “what’s in it for them?” at the top of your mind. Think about what someone gains by using your product. How do they benefit? Focus on this idea and you will be on step closer to attracting more leads.

2. Grab attention

First and foremost, your marketing must get noticed!

Make your marketing appealing enough to compel the prospect to take the time and look at it.

How do you accomplish this?

  • Make your ad aesthetically pleasing
  • A short, attention grabbing headline in a large, bold type will encourage the recipient to read it
  • Bold important items and key pieces of information
  • Make the offer/call to action stand out-highlight it, put it in a box or starburst-differentiate it from the rest of the text

3. Identify the problem (and how you can solve it!)

Most products or services serve a very specific purpose. They are made to meet a need or solve a problem.

Show your prospects in your marketing, how you and your business can help them fill that need/solve that problem. Remind them of their problem and show them what it’s costing them (time, money, time away from family, etc). Use images and text to paint a picture that the prospect can relate too.

Create a connection and draw the consumer in. 

4. Give Proof

You have all heard the quote, “Show me the money!” 

People, today, are skeptical. They don’t want to hear promises, they want to see results. They want proof!

A great way to show proof to your prospects is by including testimonials. Testimonials build trust, provide recognition and peak interest. 

5. Call for action

Tell your prospects what you want to do and when you want them to do it.

An offer with no deadline will not motivate prospects to respond. For the most part, consumers are not looking to spend money. They have to be persuaded to do so, especially in tough economic times.

Make your prospect aware that there is a benefit to responding now!

Limited time offers have been proven to increase response rate.  “Limited time offer”, “Offer good this month only!” and “Hurry, offer good while supplies last!” are just a few of the many ways to include a response-inducing deadline in your marketing.

6. Give an incentive

As I mentioned, earlier, consumers aren’t eager to spend money, today. They need a reason to respond!

Encourage response by including an offer/incentive.

What can you offer your prospect that will make them choose you over the competition?

Offer discounts, bonuses or free information. Dollar-off discounts, generally, work better than percentage discounts. The word “free” is one of the biggest attention grabbers and increases response rates in advertising.

Next to the mailing list, the offer is the most important aspect of a direct marketing campaign. A compelling offer will grab attention, drive results and increase response rate.

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