Working for yourself isn’t always glamorous. The grind to keep the sales funnel full, the constant attention on employees and equipment, and making sure the work product turns prospects into repeat customers is never-ending.  But when we do it right, when everything is clicking and the engine is firing on all cylinders, it’s oh so rewarding!


Like in golf…They say that one great shot brings you back every time.  It’s the motivation that hacks like me (and you?) need to keep teeing up the ball and taking a swing.  You’re not always going to get a hole-in-one, or rip a 300-yard drive straight down the fairway.


Direct mail campaigns for your business can work in much the same fashion.  A 250-piece, one-time mailing isn’t going to yield 250 new clients.  You know that.  Wins come with planning, and you’ve got to stay motivated for what’s around the corner.  That’s what keeps you in the game.


These 3 motivating tips are sure to keep that fire burning!


1.) Don’t Rely (solely) on Yourself – WHAT? That sounds crazy, especially if you dreamed up, started, and are wearing a ton of hats running your own business.  Those three reasons ALONE are exactly why you should leave the management of your campaign to a professional.  Tiger Woods has a caddy, so why shouldn’t you?  A professional can be tasked with the creation of the postcard, the filtering of prospect lists, all the way to gauging the effectiveness of the campaign and helping map out next steps.

2.) It Takes More than One Swing – In understanding that there needs to be a series of next steps, you understand that the best results from a direct mail campaign come with repetition. Having clear expectations of the process involved in creating name recognition, lead generation, and how to cultivate results (i.e., sales) can absolutely keep you motivated.

3.) Track MILESTONES and GOALS – Just like every now-bare spot on the fairway behind you, milestones are easy ways to help your business keep an eye on the past, and practice for future successes and achievements. Goals are the finish line, but you need to keep your eye on what you’re doing to ACHIEVE those goals.  Know where you’re going…and how you’re going to get there.  Every outreach builds on itself, increasing your chances of greatness!


They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  We say that Motivation is the Mother of Success!  Because it’s SO true.  You were motivated by something to even start your own business. Motivation gets you up in the morning.  Motivation is the firm handshake for your clients.  It’s the reason you treat your clients like family.  And it’s the way you ensure that everything about your business represents not only who you are, but what you want your clients to see in you.  From motivation success is born.


The grind and hustle, the ups and downs are all part of the game.  Why don’t you give Opportunity Knocks a call at 1 (866) 319-7109 and let us carry your bag for a little while.  We can’t do anything about making you a better golfer, but just like we’ve helped tens of thousands of small businesses in nearly every industry stay motivated and successful by creating great direct mail campaigns, we’re here to do the same for you.