12 Ways to Make the Most of Your QR Codes

Exploring the instant possibilities…

By Julie Escobar

All right, you’re in the loop.  Good job! You’ve thinking about adopting “multi-channel” and QR Codes into your business right?  You know what to do with them, where to put them and how to track them?  No?  No worries – you’re not the only one!  That’s why we’re putting together this article!  See how that all works out?

First of all, if you’re not fully engaged in the QR Code gig, know that they’re one of the handiest and trendiest things to hit business marketing in years.  With a click of a smartphone button your potential customers can gain instant access to your webpages, contact forms and information request portals.  So when and how to use them?  Let’s take a look at 12 top ways:

  1. On your marketing brochures:   It’s a great way to take people from printed page to your online site filled with all the inside scoop on all the great products and services you can offer that just won’t fit on a single brochure!
  2. Your direct mail postcards: Go from just an announcement or offer to interactive engagement by taking consumers directly to your website or customized landing or squeeze page.
  3. Yard signs: Do you use yard signs to advertise when you’re in a specific neighborhood or job site or even to direct street traffic to your business?  Enlarge your QR code up so that it can be easily scanned as potential customers drive by or are stopped at lights or street signs!
  4. Your business card: Have an online About You or contact form?  Put the url on a QR code that way when people have your business card they can instantly learn more about you!
  5. Magazines ads: Add a QR code to your print magazine advertising to boost your ability to track the return on that investment!
  6. On your email or print newsletters: Got a special report or free give-away on your site you’d like to offer as a means of building your opt-in list?  Add a QR code to take them right to that offer page!
  7. Car signs: Your mobile advertising on the go gets a high-tech facelift when you add a QR code big enough for passersby to click and go!
  8. On your blog & website: Put a QR code on your blog header to take people to your website and on your website to go to your blog!
  9. Newspaper advertising: Give your newspaper ads a kick and add a code to take buyers or sellers to a landing page for your site, your current properties or for a free offer.
  10. On your training materials or niche market collateral:  Work with several different niche markets and want to drive people to specific sections of your site?  QR codes are a great way to do that!
  11. As an avatar or just a link on your social media network profiles.  This is a fun way to help spread the word and drive people just where you want them online!
  12. Any and all printed collateral:  From your giveaway items (calendars, etc.) to your personal letterhead to your continuous direct mail – add a code.  Decide for each piece where you want your target audience to go first – but add it in.  It’s one more way for you to differentiate!

QR codes are definitely generating a buzz, a trend only destined to continue as we continue to find new ways to creatively and efficiently meet the high demands of today’s consumers.  Try these ideas on for size – and send us ideas of your own!  We’d love to hear them!  Take care and enjoy your new QR Code technology!