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Solar Direct Mail System

When you mail with solar marketing experts, you can expect expert results.

Target Better Prospects

Solar data analytics so powerful it’s like having a tracking device on your top solar prospects

Sell Bigger

Precise solar specific demographics shown to produce larger KW system sales

Get Higher

Personalized direct mail strategies statistically proven to strengthen ROI and boost other marketing channels

How it Works

When you mail with solar marketing experts, you can expect expert results.

DETAILED DISCOVERY: High Collaboration, High Success

Every successful marketing strategy starts with great planning. Our “Ready, Aim, Fire” methodology starts with a confidential detailed discovery around your business and marketing objectives. This review includes:

• Current Marketing Strategies
• Competitive Marketing Landscape
• Past Successes and Challenges
• Establishing Success Metrics

DATA ANALYTICS: Better Lists, Better Response

The top success factor in our winning formula is data. We’ll combine database marketing best practices, our unique solar data insights and your past customer profiles to analyze, model and identify top solar prospects with the highest probability to buy.

• Solar Specific Demographics
• Insightful Solar Psychographics
• Personal Interests and Buying Habits
• Financial Profiles and Modeled Credit Scores

DIRECT MAIL: Better Lists, Better Response

By combining solar industry ad copywriters, data driven direct mail design and unforgettable solar offers you will run more key appointments and close larger kilowatt system sales.

• Captivating Variable Data Printing Technology
• Proven Solar Designs, Formats and Campaigns
• 100% Mail Tracking Assurance
• 99% Mail Delivery Rate

Campaigns that SELL

With millions of solar mailings delivered, leverage proven insights and best practices to sell more installs to far better prospects.

Solar Lease Offers – You know solar leasing with $0 down is a no-brainer but prospects think “What’s the catch?” Use a combination of eye-popping postcards and personalized letters to explain how their $0 down decision will be one of their best ever.

Home Improvements – Homeowners are always looking for ways to increase the value of their home. Highlight how going solar can lead to better home appeal, more equity and a higher sale price.

Neighborhood Radius Mailings – When residents go solar, the neighbors get curious. And chances are, there are more solar friendly homes nearby. Strike while the iron is hot by sending personalized postcards around your, or better yet, your competition's, recent installs and turn one sale into more.

Rate Comparisons – “Show them the money!” Many people want to go solar, yet they don’t understand the return on investment compared to their current power rates. Use long form letters and compelling graphical postcards to make an easy-to-understand rate comparison.

Solar Workshops/Events – Solar’s biggest challenge is knowledge and people do not buy what they do not understand. Use ultra-personalized invitations to invite them to catered solar workshops or fun neighborhood solar block parties. The response will shock you!

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When you mail with solar marketing experts, you can expect expert results.